The Lost Cluster

Curvocs Log Entry - The Daedalus Encounter
Betrayal and apathy.

Had a pretty uneventful day. Spent most of it doing exercise in my bunk, arguing the finer point of morality with my gun’s A.I. core. Apparently I’m only allowed to shoot drunk people that attack me if I wasn’t the one buying them drinks. Figures.

Stopped by the Daedalus research station for a supply drop-off. Since the station failed to respond to communication hails a scout party was sent aboard to investigate. I was “volunteered” to go along, for security I guess, but I was hardly needed. Had a bit of fun, though.

Seems like the scientists were working on some sort of not-entirely-legal combat nano-prototype stuff, the kind of thing you usually find on border worlds. This station is pretty remote, so it’s a fine place to do that sort of thing. Problem is, if anything goes wrong, you can’t exactly expect the cavalry to come charging to your rescue. They were “lucky” we had a delivery to do.

The station was under lockdown quarantine, so most of the decks had life support shut down, or at least kept to minimum levels. Holding my breath isn’t really a problem, and anyway, that Drake guy managed his way through those locked doors with relative ease. Just a matter of floating on through until we reached the scientists. We had that freaky engineer girl with us, but she took a different route.

So what it came down to was, their research AI was actually a spy and trying to download itself off the station with all the company’s secrets. It didn’t look like it knew enough about itself to tell us, or anyone, about who it worked for or who activated its spy subroutines, which meant that someone on board was also a spy. One of those cowering scientists was a traitor.

So, to end the quarantine, we just needed to do a couple of things: sniff out the traitor and purge the AI. Yeah, like we were going to spend hours interrogating everyone. We just picked the biggest asshole of the bunch and made him out to be the bad guy. That engineer girl, Hunan I think, made some sort of deal with the AI, and that was that.

Walked away with a prisoner and an AI, and delivered the foodstuffs. Gun was glad I didn’t have to shoot anyone, but not so much when I jammed one of the airlocks on my way out. That should keep those scientists busy for a while.

01. Threat level evaluation: negligible. 02. Class 4 weaponry detected; non-lethal. 03. Ethics violation #0304: Unncessary threats to cause disruption and unease. 04. Ethics violation #1176: Damaged property with the intent to cause harm.
FINAL ANALYSIS — Violations within tolerable parameters. Further monitoring required.


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