The gun tethered to his nervous system might be the only thing keeping him in check.


A former Meridian mercenary who loved his job. He committed a massacre during the Eloi Crisis. He’s now he’s a wanted man. Surprisingly, these two things are fairly unrelated.


  • Genetic superiority
  • Aloofness
  • Cruel Humour
  • Military Background
  • Blank Slate
  • Tribal Tattoos
  • Machiavellan
  • What Does This Button Do?
  • Wanted
  • Tethered

Curvocs grew up in a fairly wealthy Meridian family, but there was always something… off about him. He was banished from his family when they discovered that he had become a mercenary, not that he really cared about them any more any way.

When the Eloi Crisis lead to him and his squad being abandoned on Morain, he grew irritable and bored. In only a few days he drove his squad to assault a nearby Morainian tribe, purely out of boredom. His squadmates were killed and he was captured. The villagers tattooed him extensively in traditional warning symbols, labelling him as a killer and a menace to any Morainian who would see them. He was eventually apprehended by the Eloi who convicted him of property damage for the murdered slaves and shipped him off to Middlesex.

In prison he met and befriended his cellmate Slinn Dennar. When Slinn got out on bail, he got himself a job as an indentured servant: he would work off his bail by working for a Meridian mercenary corp. They grafted a special AI-guarded gun to his body that only lets him shoot in self-defense.

Not looking forward to life as a slave hitman, he skipped his ship off-world and instead snuck aboard the King’s Hope, where he happened to meet up with Slinn Dennar.

He’s now a wanted man for skipping bail, and Slinn is the only one who knows about his violent past. This is a secret he would especially like to keep from Hunan, since the tribe he attacked was… hers.


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