Hunan Ygg Drasil

Born into the bottom of Eloi society, and violenty expelled through the top.


A superstitious and passionate mechanic “tech priestess” who yearns to one day return to Eloi and overthrow her people’s oppressors, the Elegians.


  • Spritual
  • Technological prodigy
  • Strong
  • Systematic
  • Trickster
  • Unporpos (spelling?)
  • Space Adapted
  • Knows Too Much!
  • Uncanny Grace
  • Vengeful

Born into a polar tribe on the Eloi planet of Moraine, she was chosen at a young age to be her tribe’s tech priestess.

Her extraordinary skill led the manipulative Elegian overlords to forcefully uplift and assimilate her into their spaceborne society during the first days of the Eloi Crisis. In the months since she has adapted well to zero-G living, but not to her new culture.

In the months since her upheaval (and Slinn’s arrest) she began rooting through the Elegian datanets, looking for a way to overthrow their society. She downloaded an uncanny amount of information into her brain, but is still unaware of Curvoc’s massacre of her tribe due to a media and info blackout surrounding that event.

Her actions were recently discovered, though, and she was ejected from Eloi society. She joined up with the only foreigner she ever knew, the alien trader who visited her tribe oh so many months ago: Slinn Dennar.

Hunan Ygg Drasil

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