NPC, messenger, yam, mail, kings bounty,


Communication 3
Brokerage 2
Computer 2
Culture/Tech 1
Assets 1


  • Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night…
  • Extremely Curious

Karson has rented out a pod on the King’s Hope for the last six years, where he runs a yam, a travelling cross-slip post office.

Karson’s a spacer, but he seems to be mostly Cozthadocian. He’s short and stocky, and surprisingly clumsy in Micro-G. He’s friendly and outgoing and loves to chat and gossip with guests on the King’s Hope when he gets the chance.

His yam, or office, is cluttered and jam-packed with a wide array of communications devices. With the Captain’s permission, he’s even added an impressive non-combat comm array to the ship’s antennae.


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