Captain Kama Namiko

Captain of the King's Hope


Captain Kama Namiko has been Captain of the King’s Hope for over twelve years. She’s a fifty-something year old woman from Old Coronach: one of the few of her kind to leave the system and pursue a non-artistic life. But she is still a Coronach at heart: get her a drink and she’ll wax poetic about space and her travels for hours on end. She is secretly working on her autobiography.

Namiko’s never really said how it came into her possession, but both she and her ship have a squeaky-clean record: something that’s exceptionally hard to maintain for twelve years.

She runs a tight ship, but treats her clients and passengers with respect. No slugthrowers or energy weapons are allowed on-board, and the bare-bones security staff is equipped only with stun batons and the like. Namiko is proud to say that no one has technically died aboard the King’s Hope for almost ten years.


Captain Kama Namiko

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