Dr. Weldon Reid

Researcher for Castille Engineering, formerly the lead scientist aboard


Science 5
Archaelogy 4
Alertness 3
MicroG 2


  • Bookworm
  • Passionate Nerd
  • Self-diagnosed asperger’s

A middle-aged Elegian scientist. Tall, thin and white-haired.

Dr. Reid first gained prominence in the Cluster’s scientific community in his archaelogical research work on pre-collapse nanomaterials. He doesn’t “invent” as much as he reverse-engineers old tech, but no one seems to know the difference or care.

He’s very passionate about his work, and has been for some time. His social skills have atrophied.

Refuses to divulge what his work on the station was dealing with. Is now aboard the King’s Hope, probably no longer working for Castille. Not a fan of Hunan.

Dr. Weldon Reid

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