Slinn Dennar

Ex-art dealer, now an ex-con.


A middle-aged Coronach who is artistic, charismatic and a little bit fragile. Out on bail for good behaviour.


  • From Old Money
  • Spoiled Rich Kid
  • Frequent Flyer
  • Art Curator Extraordinaire
  • Did Some Time Inside
  • Out On Bail
  • Urge to Impress
  • Patois
  • Opportunist
  • Collector

Slinn Dennar is from Old Coronach. He comes from a wealthy planetside family, and was once an accomplished art trader and dealer. He travelled the Cluster extensively and picked up the basics of many languages and dialects.

During the recent Eloi Crackdown he was negotiating a trade with some Morainian artisans. The Elegians swooped in and arrested him for a variety of obscure laws, including trespassing, trading without a permit and political instigation. He was shipped off to Middlesex and imprisoned in a low-security facility where he met Curvocs.

Prison was horrifying for Slinn, and he expended what cash and contacts he had to get himself out of jail as soon as possible. About six months after incarceration he was able to post bail via some shared contacts between him and Drake October. Drake was working aboard the King’s Hope, a wandering trade ship, and he hired Slinn on as a poison tester.

Slinn is out on parole and wants to avoid trouble at all costs. He’s contracted to work with Drake for some time.

Slinn Dennar

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