Administrator Amelia Wilkins

Bureaucrat for Castille Engineering


Negotiation 4
Bartering 3
Assets 2
Alertness 1


  • Expense account
  • By The Books
  • Loyal Employee

Born and raised in an upper-class Meridian family, she joined Castille Engineering right out of school, like most of her family has done. The men typically become engineers, the women usually work in the administration side. Her family doesn’t own the company, but they’re been working there for generations. (Think Detroit auto-worker family)

She moved up the ranks pretty quickly, in spite of her icy attitude. She wasn’t sent to this station as a punishment – the work being done here is very valuable – but her coworkers were happy to see her sent elsewhere. She suspects this might be the case.

Tried to keep the work being done on the station a secret. Last seen aboard the Daedalus.

Administrator Amelia Wilkins

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