Tech 0, Environment -2, Resources 3

This is a rich system, but with only one habitable world. This (unnamed) planet is an anomaly, it is roughly cuboid. Is this a relic of a past Tech 4 society? Is there something man-made at the planet’s core? The planet is heavily irradiated, which only adds to the mystery.

Strong gravitational forces caused by the cube’s rotation trigger frequent earthquakes. Nonetheless, the population is forced to live underground and spend almost their entire lives in enviro suits.

Cozthadoc society is largely space-phobic and it is rare to see its people venture off-world. They still maintain contact with the rest of the cluster, mostly through the trade of minerals (diamond, plutonium) mined planetside. Cozthadocs are also experts in ceramics, armor building and enviro suit design.

Theodore “Claire” Rudy is from Cozthadoc’s main planet.


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