The Daedalus is a relatively small research station hanging at the L3 Lagrangian point closest to Meridian’s star, opposite its nearest planet. Following the “spoked wheel” design, the 1G ring is where the mess halls and living areas are, the centre is where the MicroG experiments take place. Max working capacity is 75. Not self-sufficient, it requires periodic resupply from chartered ships.

The Daedalus was built and placed by Castille, an old and somewhat prominent Meridian engineering firm. It is used as a research station. The research subject is classified.

The station is equipped with propulsion-less “lifeboats”. In case of emergency they are ejected away the star. They emit a loud distress call and survivors can only wait for rescue. They barely meet the minimum safety requirements for civilized space.

There are two docking ports on opposite ends of the wheel.

As they left, the team from the King’s Hope left an airlock ajar. Presumably this would be to slow down any pursuers, but was probably just done for kicks.


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