The King’s Hope (slipship)
Klingon cargo 000

A Meridian cargo ship that has has been patched, traded, scuttled, repaired and repainted a dozen times over it’s 200-year history. It dates back to the days when the Meridians had just achieved Tech 2.

It wanders the cluster semi-aimlessly, acting usually as a cargo ship, transport vessel and cross-slip communications relay. It operates above board, but doesn’t look too closely at the records of its passengers. It’s current captain and owner is Kama Namiko, who commands a crew of 45.

No weapons, but the on-board security staff carry various non-lethal weapons like stun batons and flashbangs.

For the past six years a man named Karsonhas been running a yam aboard the ship.


  • Hunk of Junk
  • Huge
  • She’s Been Through Worse

V-Shift 2, Beam 0, Torpedo 0, EW 0, Trade 4
Frame: OOO O
Data: OOO
Heat: OOO

Klingon cargo top


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