Tech 2, Environment ?, Resources ?

This system has a long and muddled history. It is largely divided into two classes, the Immortals and the common folk. An Immortals can live for centuries, maintained by the latest medicine and nanotech. The lower strata, the common folk, still live pretty well but only for a regular human lifetime. There is a bit of discord between the two classes, but nowhere close to what one might see in Eloi.

Several rich colony worlds in the system, and the space between is littered with abandoned stations. Several stations are off-limits and quarantined due to genetic experiments gone wrong. Entire continents on some worlds have been written off. The Daedalus scientific space station can be found here.

There is some in-fighting and violence on the main garden world, but nothing out of hand.

The Cluster’s economy is dominated by countless organizations ("corps) that handle everything from trash collection to banking. The only exceptions are incarceration and peacekeeping: those two responsibilities are delegated to Middlesex. There are several Meridian PMC’s, however.

Most sliships across the Cluster come from Meridian’s shipyards.

Curvocs and Drake October are from Meridian.


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