Old Coronach

Tech 1, Environment 2, Resources -1

Old Coronach (sometimes just Coronach) was recently a Tech 3 or Tech 2 culture, but is now in steep decline.

It’s a liberal paradise gone wrong. Everyone is an artist, a professor, an activist or a spiritualist, but with no one around to do the heavy lifting and clean the toilets, this society is growing weaker by the day.

There is also little reverence for their high-tech past, since they don’t see it as the past or anything that’s being lost… it’s just old stuff. There are archaeological wonders galore, but very few people remain to preserve them. Imagine if people hollowed out the Pyramids and turned them into condos.

One garden world ( Limerick) and several habitable ones. Many people living spaceside too, in stations and ships.

Home of Slinn Dennar.

Old Coronach

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