The Advisor

The Advisor is the most important remaining piece of pre-collapse technology in Old Coronach. It is located in the Legislative Assembly, in Serran.

A tech-3 quantum supercomputer that plays an essential role in the system’s government, it does not have any actual power. The only way it interacts with the outside world is in advising the standing members of the Legislature, Old Coronach’s highest government body.

Elected members of Legislature serve ten year terms and work with the Advisor. The Legislature feeds information to the computer, then interprets and enacts its declarations. Its rare that the Legislature debates the Advisor’s results; the real debate takes place beforehand when deciding what relevant information should be submitted to the machine.

The Advisor’s artificial intelligence is far beyond anything else in the Cluster, but it has no personality. It’s an advanced bureaucratic calculator, not a sentient being.

For a machine of such strength, the Advisor is surprisingly small: about the size of a small car. Its located in the centre of the Legislative Assembly, and is perpetually under ceremonial guard.

The Advisor

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